Farmers' Market vs Supermarket

Farmers markets seem to be popping up all over the place these days which is excellent news for local consumers. There is a significant difference between supermarket and farmers' market produce.

Supermarket produce is normally shipped into an area by truck or train in bulk which is stored in refrigeration for several days. By the time the you buy it, it has lost most of its flavor and nutrition.

Produce found at a farmers market is usually harvested daily which means that it not only contains more nutrition but much better taste due to its freshness, the produce at a farmers market is so fresh, it's like having your own garden without the work. What's more, there's no wax which is an oily substance used to coat produce such as cucumbers, peppers and apples for shipping in order to make them look more appealing and to extend the shelf life.

This wax coating is just one of the many things that farmers don't have to do when selling locally which also reduces cost. Area farmers market patrons don't need or want the wax and they could care less about packaging and labels.

With so many people going green today, farmers markets are becoming more popular as they decrease the amount of produce being shipped out of the area, reducing fuel usage. This also lowers the amount of cardboard boxes used in shipping which contribute to our already overburdened waste and recycling facilities.

Supermarkets don't haggle. Their prices are nonnegotiable. Farmers markets deal in fast turnovers and prices are often flexible especially when approached by those ready to purchase several items.

Therefore, the difference between Supermarket and farmers market produce goes beyond price and quality. Shopping at a farmers market puts money back into the community and helps the environment. Their produce far exceeds anything found in the produce section at the supermarket in quality and price and can actually be cheaper than growing it yourself.