Visiting a Farm Shop During the COVID-19 Outbreak

These are indeed strange times, and the way we live our lives has certainly changed since the government lockdown was initiated. Following the initial panic buying on all staple goods, the country has in places fallen into a state of normal abnormality with the possible future lightening of the lockdown phased in careful stages.

With high street retailers running out of meat, vegetables, fruit and other goods most notably pasta, rice, flour and toilet rolls, many shoppers looked to farm shops for the first time for supplies. What shoppers found out that what was on offer was fresher, tastier, organic and of course, was supporting local businesses.

So in this current climate, we outline what you should expect when you shop at a Farm Shop Post COVID-19.

  • Most farm shops have now implemented a range of measures to ensure that customers can shop safely, respecting social distancing guidelines.
  • You may see hand washing stations installed at various key points in the shop (dependent on shop size) such as the shop entrance.
  • Customers may be asked to clean their hands thoroughly before handling any produce or entering the shop.
  • During busy periods there may be an external queuing area, and there may be a restriction of shoppers entering the shop.
  • At checkout and across other areas of the shop, there may be marked spaces on the floor to help customers adhere to safe social distance.
  • Customers may be asked to use contactless payment to avoid using cash where possible.
  • Staff will be cleaning touchpoints such as hand baskets, trolley handles, door handles, till areas and card machines at all parts of the day
  • Advance orders will be appreciated by the farm shop online or by phone for collection.
  • Dependent on the farm shop they may offer a veg box scheme service. They may be fully online where you may be able to order and collect. They may even be able to deliver.

These are only a few of the changes you may see if you visit your local farm shotp. The one thing you can expect is a friendly welcome and some great local produce.

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