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Artisan Bakeries in Cambridgeshire

Across Cambridgeshire, talented Artisan bakers are combining traditional methods with innovative techniques to create next-level breads, cakes and pastries, often using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

An Artisan Baker you’ll be baking a wide variety of breads, cakes and other bakery products from scratch.

We try to list some of the best Artisan bakers and bakeries in Cambridgeshire.

We have 4 Artisan Bakeries in Cambridgeshire listed.

Dovecote Bakery

Dovecote Bakery is a wholesale bakery based in Cambridge. We make sourdough, speciality breads and cakes for delivery across Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. We...

Location: Cambridge,  Cambridgeshire

Radmore Farm Shop

en and Vicky welcome you to Radmore Farm Shop Online where we strive to bring you our highest quality foods – delivered to your door.

Location: Cambridge,  Cambridgeshire

The Gog Farm Shop

We have a real passion for food, and a real passion for good quality ingredients. We try as hard as we can to provide you with what we believe to be the best se...

Location: Cambridge,  Cambridgeshire

Johnsons of Old Hurst

We have been farming using traditional methods for over a century. Our passion is to provide local produce, with the highest quality in flavour, variety and fre...

Location: Huntingdon,  Cambridgeshire