Fanfield Farm

We produce local food. Growing with the older hand tool methods that mean we donít need huge tractors or 100ís of acres of land means we can get the food on to your plate fresher, faster and whilst improving the soil we grow in, and keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

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Growing foods in the conventional way is causing us problemsÖ with the taste of our veg, with the nutrients within them, with our enviroment and with our soils! To grow food in this way is no longer sustainable, and we have done so much damage it is no longer enough to farm sustainablyÖ Thatís why we farm regeneratively.. Giving more back to the soil and environement than we take at every stage.

Throughout the summer season of 2020 we provided seasonal veg boxes of beautiful veg, grown with regenerative practices. Completely chemical free.

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Fanfield Farm
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