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Delicatessens in Herefordshire

A Delicatessen in Herefordshire is a shop which focusses on offering produce which is not only locally made with local ingredients, but more importantly seasonal? A business where the owners, know the history of the producer, people cook and whose homemade Herefordshire produce is part of the reason for visiting?

You can expect the counter to be groaning under the weight of the huge choice of cheeses & cold meats on offer, as well as other produce both local sourced in Herefordshire and from further afield?

We try to list some of the best Delicatessens in Herefordshire.

We have 1 Delicatessen in Herefordshire listed.


Founded in 2000, Legges has become one of Herefordshire’s leading Butcher’s and Delicatessen, with an unrivalled reputation for the provisions of high quality, ...

Location: Bromyard,  Herefordshire