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The Pearce family have farmed in the Puckeridge area for 45 years and we now have two generations –David, Andrew and Ed, working on the farm which is a hive of activity all year round. We have a mixed farm of arable, horticultural and traditional breeds of cattle that can often be seen roaming in the fields by the Shop and Café. The cattle are grass fed during the spring, summer and autumn months and during the colder winter months are kept in a warm barn and fed on farm grown hay.

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In 1982 we started to sell our own fruit and veg from a shed in the field and we have steadily built up an award-winning business to providing a wide range of quality fresh produce and fine foods – expanding a few times to accommodate ever more exciting produce, but always sticking to our roots of selling good fruit and veg and supporting local suppliers wherever we can.

We have been growing strawberries since 1978 and with the raspberries also have an excellent pick your own that makes a fun family activity. Asparagus, is another of our specialities; in season during May and June it is much sought after by our customers for the excellent flavour.

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