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CLOGs, The Co-Operative of Leicestershire Organic Growers and Raw n Pure the box scheme, was started in 2006 by two friends, Sue and Sarah, It began from a shared passion for growing produce, a belief in a farming method that works in harmony with the natural world and a desire for community cohesion and social equity. Our organic certification and not for profit co-operative business structure reflect our commitment to these beliefs.

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The Co-operative grows at Polebrook Hayes, an 11 acre small holding in Botcheston. We have a half acre for our 40 or so chickens, six very large poly tunnels for growing 3 for propagating, 2 bee keepers keep bees on the farm, a limited amount of honey will be available this summer as we want the bees to have most and keep pollinating our crops, several acres for outdoor growing and in Nov 2016 we planted 72 fruit trees in the top field creating a community orchard.

We are structured as a co-operative not only for our beliefs in equitable business that benefits all but because we wish to foster a community based on farming and harvesting, offer access to these processes, pass on skills and knowledge as well as make new friends and strengthen our community. We are inclusive and welcoming to all. Mondays and Tuesdays are our volunteer days, from 9:30am onwards, do a bit, learn a lot and earn some lovely fresh produce.

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