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Veg Out

Veg Out was formed by Debbie and Howard Smith in 1996, and we’ve been delivering our organic veg box to customers every week since then. Starting on a set of allotments we realised that a box scheme was a viable way of making a living, selling direct to customers locally all year round.

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With Howard’s background in farming and horticulture, and Debbie’s in gardening and floristry, we set up the business and registered land with the Soil Association. Our first ventures included cattle and sheep, but it was vegetable growing (using the valuable by-product from cows) that went on to be the organic veg box mainstay of the business. We rented land in Birdham, and in 2000 took on just over an acre of glasshouses. This we converted to organic status by 2002.

The following year we expanded our outdoor operation by renting 6 acres of land at Rookery Farm in Flansham, near Bognor Regis. This land was already organic as the land is used principally for free range organic egg production. We fit into the rotation following behind blocks of land where chickens have roamed. All the time we were renting, we yearned to have a holding of our own.

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Veg Out
Three Oaks Nursery
Selsey Rd
West Sussex
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