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Cheese Dairy Producers in Northumberland

Artisan Cheese and Dairy products from small producers throughout Northumberland. Utlising the milk produces from Cows, Sheep and Goats. The Northumberland is home to a number of small producers making products such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream and butter

These prodcuers in Northumberland work seasonal to bring small batch cheese and dairy products

We try to list some of the best Cheese Dairy Producers and bakeries in Northumberland.

We have 3 Cheese Dairy Producers in Northumberland listed.

Doddington Cheese

It is in this unspoilt and timeless landscape that our cows produce the fresh raw milk that creates our range of UNIQUE hand crafted cheeses.

Location: Wooler,  Northumberland

Northumberland Cheese Company

In the dairy, our cheesemakers lovingly handmake 11 farmhouse cheeses. We use cows' milk from the estate less than two miles away, from local Blagdon cows. Our ...

Location: Blagdon,  Northumberland

Doddington Dairy

Our ice creams contain only simple ingredients such as full cream milk, double cream, sugar, egg yolks and real flavours. Only the finest of ingredients are use...

Location: Wooler,  Northumberland